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130 – Man From Atlantis – The Hawk of Mu & Man O’ War

Man From Atlantis
Man From Atlantis

What swims like a fish and sucks like an Electrolux?  It’s the return of the Man From Atlantis in the episodes The Hawk of Mu and Man O’ War.

You won’t want to miss these textbook examples of 1970s US SciFi!

David and Eugene are your hosts.

Episode 096 – Man From Atlantis – Deadly Carnival

Yes, that’s right!  This episode’s surprise is that we dip into the universe-transversing well one time too many!  The Deadly Carnival is the end of the line for everyone’s favorite fish man!

Episode 075 – Man From Atlantis – The Imp

This time, Ben and Eugene discuss what must be the worst piece of television ever committed to film in the United States and possibly the entire world – The Man From Atlantis episode, Imp.

See if we can find words to describe how bad it is!

Episode 068 – Man From Atlantis – CW Hyde

We review possibly the worst ever adaptation/rip-off of the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde.

Episode 053 – Man From Atlantis – The Muldoon Duology – Giant & Scavenger Hunt

Man from Atlantis on DVD? Yes, indeed!

Patrick Duffy writing a trilogy of Man From Atlantis novels? Yes! (Maybe)

Ben and Eugene review two of the very best episodes of Man From Atlantis? No, no, no, no, no!

Join us as we plow through two of the worst episodes of Man From Atlantis, Giant and Scavenger Hunt.

Episode 039 – Man From Atlantis – Time Travel Specials – Shoot Out at Land’s End & The Naked Montague

Just how badly can Ben and Eugene be offended by these two episodes of Man From Atlantis?

Let me count the ways…

Episode 035 – Man From Atlantis – Melt Down & Mudworm

It’s two, two, two episodes in one!

We look at the first two “regular” episodes (stories 5 and 6) from the [INSERT YOUR ADJECTIVE HERE] TV Series, Man From Atlantis!

Mr. Schubert melts the worlds ice in Melt Down. Can Mark Harris cool things down?


Mr. Schubert unleashes a killer underwater robot in Mudworm. Can Mark Harris talk the robot into submission?

You probably won’t find the answers to those questions on this podcast, but we’ll talk about them anyway.