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354 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – The Trevi Collection

Kolchak investigates intrigue in the world haute couture and soon discovers that black magic is afoot.

Simon and Eugene discuss The Trevi Collection.

353 – Space: 1999 – The Mark of Archanon

Two aliens, father and son Pasc and Etrec,  are found deep beneath Moonbase Alpha.  Why were they intered there?  What is the mystery of their reluctance to give blood?  What is that strange mark of evil on Pasc’s forehead?  What is Alan’s obsession with the boy, Etrec?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Space: 1999 episode, The Mark of Archanon.

351 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Primal Scream

Multi-national oil companies are evil.  Well, of course they are – even back in the 1970s!    The Oceanic International Oil company (OIO) have discovered something unprecedented in the Arctic ice.  Something that is now killing people in Chicago.

Carl Kolchak is onto a bizarre series of murders and a massive corporate cover-up.

Simon and Eugene discuss the Night Stalker episode, Primal Scream.

349 – Doctor Who – Twice Upon a Time

It’s time for Capaldi’s regeneration blowout.  Does he go out like a shooting star or a Christmas cracker?

Simon and Eugene discuss the 2017 Doctor Who Christmas special, Twice Upon a Time.

348 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Mr. R.I.N.G.

In the Tyrell laboratories, an experiment goes wrong…  or did it go unbelievably right?

Kolchak investigates a series of bizarre events on the trail of Mr. R.I.N.G.

Simon and Eugene discuss.

347 – Space: 1999 – The Rules of Luton

Someone’s probably going to get pedantic on us with this one but, if this episode had tea, we could say it was Space: 1999 “Tea in the Midlands” as they go to Luton in Bedfordshire and study botany.  Also, hand to hand combat.  And hand to lion combat.  And hand to bird combat.

Join Ben and Eugene as they talk about the Rules of Luton.

345 – Kolchak: The Night Stalker – Horror in the Heights

A monster is stalking the elderly in the Heights.  A monster that adopts the form of the victims’ most trusted person.  Has Carl Kolchak finally encountered a monster that he is impervious to?

Simon and Eugene discuss Horror in the Heights.