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294 – Doctor Who – The Return of Doctor Mysterio

It wouldn’t be Christmastime without a Doctor Who Christmas special, and so…  here is one.

Simon and Eugene look at the Return of Doctor Mysterio.

(Apologies for some minor technical problems with the recording.)

289 – Doctor Who – Power of the Daleks (Redux)

Lost forever and now brought back via an extraordinary effort of human ingenuity, it’s the missing inaugural Second Doctor story, the Power of the Daleks!

This is the second time we’ve reviewed this episode, but this time we got to see what we were missing last time!

Simon and Eugene review.

259 – Doctor Who – Galaxy Four

Finally, we come to the final pavement stone in our journey through animated and/or DVD-released Doctor Who reconstructed episodes with the First Doctor adventure, Galaxy Four.

After their complete disagreement about the merits of Underwater Menace last time, I’m sure Simon and Eugene will agree on this one…

The Underwater Menace – What Went Wrong?

In this week’s Fusion Patrol podcast, Simon and I speculate on why the reconstruction was so awful.

More info has come to light since we recorded that podcast – check out the Fusion Patrol Video Podcast Episode 004 for more information!