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S005 – Star Trek Discovery – The CBS All Access Conundrum

Time for one of our rare “sidecar” episodes!  During our discussion of Star Trek Discovery, we turned our attention to the delivery mechanisms and the economics of the newest Star Trek series.

Are we fans of CBS All Access?  Find out on this new, bonus episode of Fusion Patrol.

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335 – Star Trek Discovery – The Vulcan Hello & Battle at the Binary Stars

There’s a whole new world of Discovery out there – Star Trek Discovery, that is, and 70 million Star Trek podcasts are going to analyze it to death.

Ben and Eugene take a quick detour of discovery through the opening two-parter of Star Trek Discovery before we return to our standard programming.

Announcement – October 2016

Hey, everybody!

It’s not yet time for a new podcast from me; however,  I just wanted to know that my good friends Ben and Keith have a podcast called TG Geeks which is over at and they just had their 100th episode.  As part of a special they had a discussion about Star Trek and they invited me on the show.  We had a good old chin-wag about what Star Trek has meant to us.

If you want to hear it, I suggest you check out their podcast at

Join us again when our next Fusion Patrol episode comes out on Monday!

200 – Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan

For our 200th episode, we look at the ultimate Star Trek movie (according to conventional wisdom.)  Can Ben and Eugene take a film that they love and pick it apart?

Of course they can!

Join us for the celebration of Star Trek that is The Wrath of Khan!

Episode 112 – Star Trek Continues – Pilgrim of Infinity

This week we take a special look at the first episode of Vic Mignogna/Farragut Film’s Star Trek Continues web series’ pilot episode: Pilgrim of Eternity.

It’s a bit of a departure from our usual remit, but we do love impressive acts of nerdery!

Learn more about Star Trek Continues at

Episode 109 – Star Trek Into Darkness

It might be a movie, but we couldn’t let something as big as a new Star Trek movie slip by without comment.

This week Ben and Eugene talk about Star Trek Into Darkness.

Episode 099 – Star Trek – Series Overview – Part 3

The countdown comes inexorably to an end with a surprise guest host.  David joins Ben and Eugene to discuss the third and final season of Star Trek.