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299 – The Night Strangler

Seattle, 1973.  A series of bizarre murders terrorizes the city.  One reporter, new to town, has seen it all before — or at least something very much like it.

Carl Kolchak must battle a long-suffering editor, a disbelieving publisher and Seattle’s finest as he tries to prove an inhuman killer is on the loose.

Simon and review the sequel to the Night Stalker – the 1973 TV movie, the Night Strangler.

296 – The Night Stalker

1972 a surprise TV movie became the most-watched TV movie in American history.  Darren McGavin starred as Carl Kolchak, an abrasive investigative reporter who is investigating the story of a lifetime.  A vampire is prowling the streets of Las Vegas.

Simon and Eugene discuss the TV movie that inspired the TV series that inspired the X-files.  Could it really be that simple?


282 – The Man From Earth

A special movie episode of Fusion Patrol.

Ben and Eugene discuss Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth, the 2007 independent film that explores the concepts behind… immortality?  Or does it?

276 – Westworld (Patron Sponsored Episode)

In the 1970’s the future was populated with robots designed to be cowboys and sex workers.  It’s time to clean up your six-shooter and join us for a look at Michael Crichton’s often-overlooked 1973 classic sex-with-robots film, Westworld.

This episode is a special episode brought to you by our patrons at Patreon who help fund this podcast.  Come join them and help us reach our next funding perk goal – a look at the 1950 George Pal classic, Destination Moon,

And once again, a big thank you to our patrons!

200 – Star Trek – The Wrath of Khan

For our 200th episode, we look at the ultimate Star Trek movie (according to conventional wisdom.)  Can Ben and Eugene take a film that they love and pick it apart?

Of course they can!

Join us for the celebration of Star Trek that is The Wrath of Khan!

140 – Sharknado

It’s Shark Week and Movie Night as we review the Internet meme that’s bigger and badder than the movie itself!  It can only be a Sharknado.

David and Eugene take a light-hearted look at last year’s hottest SyFy movie.

Honestly, we don’t know if it was the hottest movie or not, but it should have been.







Episode 109 – Star Trek Into Darkness

It might be a movie, but we couldn’t let something as big as a new Star Trek movie slip by without comment.

This week Ben and Eugene talk about Star Trek Into Darkness.