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128 – Otherworld – Mansion of the Beast & The Princess Metra

The Otherworld countdown mercifully ends… or perhaps not too mercifully because here’s two more episodes of chew over for Eugene and David.

First, it’s Mansion of the Beast, or Otherworld Beauty and the Beast Redux as mom is swept up in a world where a magical beast tries to make her love him.

Then, Gina is mistaken for the return of Princess Metra, the much-beloved princess of Metroplex who also came from another world… that shining planet of hope: Earth.

125 – Otherworld – Village of the Motorpigs & I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

David and Eugene slog through two more episodes of Otherworld.  Got chalk?  It might help.

123 – Otherworld – Paradise Lost & Rock and Roll Suicide

What happens when a show is so bad you can’t talk about it for an hour?  You get two episodes in one!  David and Eugene discuss Paradise Lost & Rock and Roll Suicide from the series Otherworld!

118 – Otherworld – The Zone Troopers Build Men

Too stupid to pass a corn test?  Sexual deviant?  Frontal Lobotomy?  Too impatient to keep your job until you’ve found a new one?  If so, a lifetime career as a Zone Trooper on Otherworld might be exactly what you’re destined for.

This week, David and Eugene explore exactly how the Zone Troopers build men.

115 – Otherworld – Rules of Attraction

We start a new series this week: 1985’s Otherworld.  The continuing story of a family that’s gone to another dimension… or somewhere.