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167 – Paradox 5

All your questions answered about Paradox – or maybe not.

Find out as Simon and Eugene review the fifth and final episode of the 2009 series, Paradox.

163 – Paradox 3

Time can be changed!  Now what?  Simon and Eugene discuss the third episode of the BBC series, Paradox.

Is it Let’s Kill Hitler all over again?

161 – Paradox 2

Can the future be changed?  The life of DS Holt hangs in the balance in this, the second episode of Paradox.

Simon and Eugene discuss.

159 – Paradox 1

Photos from the future setup the first of five paradoxes in the 2009 BBC TV Series, Paradox staring Tamzin Outhwaite and Emun Elliott.

Simon and Eugene take a look at this almost contemporary but rather obscure series.