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Announcement – October 2016

Hey, everybody!

It’s not yet time for a new podcast from me; however,  I just wanted to know that my good friends Ben and Keith have a podcast called TG Geeks which is over at and they just had their 100th episode.  As part of a special they had a discussion about Star Trek and they invited me on the show.  We had a good old chin-wag about what Star Trek has meant to us.

If you want to hear it, I suggest you check out their podcast at

Join us again when our next Fusion Patrol episode comes out on Monday!

Fusion Patrol Classics are Here! More Videos are Coming!

Folks, about a month and a half ago, some drove a car right into my house – right into my video studio.  Without electricity or even a finished wall in the studio, we have not been producing any new videos, but we’re hoping to start again soon!

In the meantime, we’ve created a new YouTube channel called Fusion Patrol Classics where we are posting past episodes of the Fusion Patrol audio podcast grouped by show.  We’ve already posted Sapphire & Steel and we’re moving on to other shows now.

Here’s you chance to catch up on some of our past discussions!

Miscellaneous Update – May 16, 2016

Hey everybody, in this week’s podcast episode, Ben and I discuss our wish to see an original Space: 1999 writers’ guide.  Believe it or not, there is one!

Check out the Space: 1999 Writers’ Guide at the excellent website, the Catacombs – but beware spoilers elsewhere on the site if this is your first time through Space: 1999.

Also, next week Simon and I will be starting a new series of episodes on the 1979 BBC Scotland series, the Omega Factor, starring Doctor Who companion Louise Jameson.

Here’s your chance to help out…

Yes, we know, it’s all trendy these days for podcasts to have a Patreon account… well, we’ve got one, too

If you listen to the podcast and (hopefully) enjoy it, consider helping us continue on for another 200 episodes.  There’s a lot of bad (and not so bad) SciFi out there to talk about!


Fusion Patrol Video Podcasts

Ben’s and my discussion on the two-part Doctor Who series opener will come out later this week.

In the meantime, take a look at our new Fusion Patrol YouTube channel and our first Video Podcast (Vidcast?)

We’ve got several new videos planned for the coming months.  Please like and subscribe!

(Audio of this vidcast will come out in the usual podcast feed at the usual Monday morning, midnight AZ time slot.)

Confirmation of Correct Subscription

Yes, this post is just to test to make sure we’ve correctly migrated to the new how.

If you receive this message through your normal subscription, your Fusion Patrol feed (and ours!) is configured correctly.

Reviews? You Betcha!

As part of our never-ending efforts to expand the Fusion Patrol media empire, here is where you get your Fusion Patrol reviews!

That’s right, Ben and I watch watch lots of other shows just begging to be reviewed and this is where we’ll do it. There are oodles of bad (and not so bad) classic shows just waiting to be Fusion Patrolled – If “Fusion Patrol” can be used as a verb.

We’re not stuck up like Google! Go ahead and use our name as a verb, we won’t mind.