Episode 025 – UFO – The Computer Affair

Following up on last week’s review of the pilot of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s UFO, we’ve decided to take a quick look at Episode 2, The Computer Affair

Set in the year 1980, UFO is the story of a secret defense organization, SHADO, which defends Earth against attacks by mysertious alien invaders.

Episode 024 – UFO – Identified

Also known as the “cursed” episode. Plagued by mysterious data loss, production delays an illness, Ben and Eugene still manage to talk about the pilot episode of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s 1969 cult classic series, UFO.

In this the first podcast on the series, they discuss Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the setup of the series, major characters, the first episode and reflect upon this 1969 vision of the far flung future of the year 1980.

Launch Interceptors, put Skydiver to ready stations, get on your best mini-skirt or nehru jacket and join them at their look at this blast from the past.