Episode 036 – Sapphire and Steel – Adventure 6

Guest Simon joins us to discuss the final installment in the Sapphire & Steel series.

Sapphire & Steel face their greatest challenge ever, from an unexpected direction. Can they defeat the trap and triumph one final time?

Episode 035 – Man From Atlantis – Melt Down & Mudworm

It’s two, two, two episodes in one!

We look at the first two “regular” episodes (stories 5 and 6) from the [INSERT YOUR ADJECTIVE HERE] TV Series, Man From Atlantis!

Mr. Schubert melts the worlds ice in Melt Down. Can Mark Harris cool things down?


Mr. Schubert unleashes a killer underwater robot in Mudworm. Can Mark Harris talk the robot into submission?

You probably won’t find the answers to those questions on this podcast, but we’ll talk about them anyway.