Episode 046 – Doctor Who – The Rebel Flesh / The Almost People

Simon and Eugene discuss the two-part Doctor Who extravaganza, the Rebel Flesh and the Almost People.

Is this the most crucial episode of the series so far?

Stick around for some speculative spoilers at the end, too.


Episode 045 – The Starlost – And Only Man Is Vile

David joins Ben and Eugene to discuss this, the sixth exciting adventure of the Starlost!

Is only man vile? Or is it only some scriptriters?


Episode 044 – Doctor Who – The Doctor’s Wife

Discussing The Doctor’s Wife:

Greatest thing since sliced bread, cynical fan wank or something in-between?

Episode 041 – Doomwatch – The Plastic Eaters

The classic 1970 BBC series, Doomwatch is next up on Fusion Patrol.

Ben and Eugene and look at this pessimistic vision of man’s scientific progress and the horrors it can unleash. (Rather like podcasting.)

Episode 043 – Doctor Who – The Curse of the Black Spot

In this, our review of Curse of the Black Spot, I’m pretty sure we spend just as much time discussing our continued disappointment with last week’s episodes and our expectations for next week’s episode.

What does that say about the Curse of the Black Spot?

Episode 042 – Doctor Who – The Impossible Astronaut / Day of the Moon

Yes, it’s episode 42 coming before episode 41 which is languishing in a post-production nightmare.

Let us not forget that it is Doctor Who season!

Ben and Eugene review the first 2-part story of the new series, The Impossible Astronaut and the Day of the Moon.