Episode 062 – Doctor Who – Closing Time

Ben and Eugene talk about most any except Closing Time as the desperately try to think of something to say relevant to this story.

Episode 061 – Doctor Who – The God Complex

The Doctor’s days are numbered. Why not spend them in a cheery hotel?

Ben and Eugene review The God Complex.

Episode 060 – Doctor Who – The Girl Who Waited

Which button would you press? Green anchor or red waterfall. The answer isn’t as simple as it might first appear.

Episode 059 – Doctor Who – Let’s Kill Causality

Ben and Eugene talk a bit more about why they really don’t like the River Song/Death of the Doctor story arc.

Episode 058 – Doctor Who – Night Terrors

Doctor Who gets back into its groove and Ben and Eugene talk about Mark Gatiss’ latest episode of Doctor Who — Night Terrors!

Episode 057 – UFO – The Dalotek Affair

This time we take a look at mysterious happenings on the moon, in the Dalotek Affair.

Episode 056 – Doctor Who – Let’s Kill Hitler

Doctor Who is back and they’re going after Hitler.

Ben and Eugene express their extreme disappointment in this much-anticipated episode. Guaranteed that not everyone is going to agree with this one.