Episode 065 – Doctor Who – Unified Theory of Time Travel – Part I

Eugene and guest host Simon tackle the insurmountable mountain that are the time travel paradoxes in Doctor Who.  Can they come up with a Unified Theory of Time Travel?

Part 1 of 2

Episode 064 – Doctor Who – The Wedding of River Song

A bit of a long one this week as Ben and Eugene talk about the series 6 finale of Doctor Who, The Wedding of River Song.

All the sins of the previous jumbled timeline come to their culmination in this episode and the Doctor must die, but he doesn’t, does he?

Episode 063 – The Starlost – Gallery of Fear

This time we look at a ponderously awful episode of the Starlost.

We also discuss some of the background information from Harlan Ellison and Ben Bova on the original plans and the horrible disaster that befell the Starlost.

As mentioned in the podcast, you can read some of the information from the writers’ bible for the Starlost right here.