Episode 109 – Star Trek Into Darkness

It might be a movie, but we couldn’t let something as big as a new Star Trek movie slip by without comment.

This week Ben and Eugene talk about Star Trek Into Darkness.

Episode 108 – Doctor Who – The Name of the Doctor

We conclude our reviews of series 7B of Doctor Who.  The Doctor makes his way to Trenzalore, the one place in the entire universe the Doctor must never go:  his own grave.

Find out what answers we get and was it a satisfying conclusion to the regular 50th anniversary series.

Episode 107 – Doctor Who – Nightmare in Silver

Neil Gaiman’s sophomore outing at Doctor Who is the highly-anticipated penultimate story of series 7.  Can it live up to the expectations generated by his previous effort, The Doctor’s Wife?

This week we take a quick step back for a little commentary on last week’s story, the Crimson Horror and feature reviews and commentary from Simon from Little Storping-in-the-Swuff and Kevin from the Saturday B Movie Reel podcast.

Episode 106 – Doctor Who – The Crimson Horror

Eugene and a surprise guest host talk about the latest episode of Doctor Who, Mark Gatiss’ The Crimson Horror.

They also look at Doctor Who in general and ask the question, somewhat obliquely: Is Doctor Who really aimed at 40+ year old men?  Are we missing the magic of childhood?

Short episode this week due to logistics and other complications.

Episode 105 – Doctor Who – Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Ben and Eugene discuss what they consider to significant structural flaws to both the story and the continuity of the latest episode of Doctor Who.

Simon provides a different point of view.

Coming soon, Fusion Patrol will be changing podcast hosts – keep listening for more details.