Episode 112 – Star Trek Continues – Pilgrim of Infinity

This week we take a special look at the first episode of Vic Mignogna/Farragut Film’s Star Trek Continues web series’ pilot episode: Pilgrim of Eternity.

It’s a bit of a departure from our usual remit, but we do love impressive acts of nerdery!

Learn more about Star Trek Continues at http://www.startrekcontinues.com.

Episode 111 – The Starlost – The Implant People

The Starlost Insipid Trio come across a biosphere where all the people have brain implants to make them smarter…  or does it.

There’s a real possibility the writers of this episode had these implants, too.

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Episode 110 – The Prisoner – Arrival

Eugene and guest host Simon delve into the paranoid world of a man who has no name, only a number.

We start a new series this week with the classic British series, the Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan as #6.