132 – Doctor Who – Day of the Doctor

An epic episode for the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.  A tale so big only three hosts could discuss it!  It’s the Day of the Doctor!

Silver Nemesis – Review

An anniversary story about the defence of Gallifrey, with a time twin zone timey wimey story split between the present day and the 16th or 17th century, and explicitly asking the question “Doctor Who?” It appears that, like the Nemesis comet, these are things that come around every 25 years.

I’m dubious about specials in general – even when they don’t have multiple Doctors – lots of build up and promise of spectacle, but my favourite Doctor Who is often the ‘small scale’ stuff: The Mind Robber, The Keeper of Traken, Blink, Midnight… So it’s rather welcome that Silver Nemesis is a low-key celebration of the first 25 years of Doctor Who and a relief that it doesn’t deserve its dire reputation. Continue reading Silver Nemesis – Review

131 – Doctor Who – Regeneration Special – Rose

Join us and the Doctor as we poke around Rose’s cat flap in this, our special Regeneration Episode for the Ninth Doctor as portrayed by Christopher Eccleston.

S004 – Doctor Who – The Night of the Doctor

Go watch Night of the Doctor right now and then come back here!

In the surprise episode of Fusion Patrol we were awesomely surprised by Night of the Doctor, obviously.

130 – Man From Atlantis – The Hawk of Mu & Man O’ War

Man From Atlantis
Man From Atlantis

What swims like a fish and sucks like an Electrolux?  It’s the return of the Man From Atlantis in the episodes The Hawk of Mu and Man O’ War.

You won’t want to miss these textbook examples of 1970s US SciFi!

David and Eugene are your hosts.

129 – The Prisoner – The General


What happens when education fever marches into the village to the the General’s beat and sweeps the Village?  Can #6 save them from universal education?