137 – Doctor Who – Time of the Doctor

The good Doctor’s time has come.  It’s such an epic concept, it must be the most awesome episode of Doctor Who ever, right?  Find out what we thought in our special Christmas episode!

Doctor Who

136 – Doctor Who – Regeneration Special – The Eleventh Hour

Doctor WhoIt’s Matt Smith’s regeneration and we’ve come to the end of the line to our Regeneration Special series just in time for Christmas.

Simon and Eugene review the first of the Steven Moffat penned regeneration episodes.  Is it the Eleventh Hour or are we already passed midnight?

135 – Doctor Who – Regeneration Special – The Christmas Invasion

Doctor WhoHere comes the Tenth Doctor (or is he the Eleventh?) with his TARDIS all decked out like Jolly Ol’ St Nick’s sleigh with Rudolph the Rose-nosed reindeer. (See what I did there?)

It’s the Christmas Invasion!

Simon and Eugene discuss the first of the on-screen “new” series Doctor Who regenerations.  Ninth Doctor, we hard knew you!

134 – The Prisoner – Many Happy Returns

The PrisonerIt’s Number 6’s birthday, but no one has come to the party!  Find out what happens as Simon and Eugene review The Prisoner episode, Many Happy Returns.






133 – UFO – ESP

The aliens employ a psychic to guide their future.  Will Straker survive?

Ben and Eugene take a look at the UFO episode called ESP.