145 – Blakes 7 – Time Squad

The rebellion begins as Blake and the crew of the Liberator go to war against the Federation – but first, they have aliens to deal with.

Join Ben and Eugene as the discuss Time Squad!

144 – The Starlost – Farthing’s Comet

The giant Earth ship Ark sniffs a farting comet’s tail in an episode compared unfavorably to taking a dump after eating oat bran…  find out Ben and Eugene’s opinions on Farthing’s Comet, the next episode of the Starlost.

143 – The Prisoner – It’s Your Funeral

There’s an assassination plot in the Village and once again, Number 6 is a pawn in a game outside his control – but is he to facilitate the assassination, or to prevent it?

Simon and Eugene look the The Prisoner episode, “It’s Your Funeral.”

142 – UFO – Kill Straker

Those wacky aliens are back to try to kill Straker again.  Will they force Paul Foster to terminate the one man who keeps all of SHADO running?  Find out as Ben and Eugene discuss the next episode of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s UFO.