150 – The Prisoner – A Change of Mind

#6 starts to envy geese.  Would that happen to anyone who was declared unmutual?

Simon and Eugene discuss the episode of the Prisoner entitled, “A Change of Mind.”

149 – The Starlost – The Beehive

There’s killer bees in them thar biodomes!

Ben and Eugene discuss the penultimate episode of the Starlost.

148 – The Prisoner – Living in Harmony

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!

A mysterious stranger is abducted and incarcerated in the old west town of Harmony.  Will he be the town’s new sherif or is the Judge a poor judge of character?

Simon and Eugene look at the next episode the Prisoner, Living in Harmony.

147 – UFO – Sub-Smash

Trapped at the bottom of the sea, Straker, Foster and the crew of Skydiver 1 wait for death!  It can only be a sub-smash!!!

Ben and Eugene discuss.

146 – The Prisoner – Checkmate

In the Village, life is like a chess match, but can #6 tell black from white?  And who is the pawn?

Simon and Eugene review the episode of the Prisoner entitled, “Checkmate.”