154 – The Prisoner – The Girl Who Was Death

Our hero “avenges” Col. Hawke-Englishe as he battles “The Girl Who Was Death.”

Simon and Eugene discuss.

Also, check out Simon’s reviews of the classic series, The Avengers at Little Storping-in-the-Swuff.

153 – The Starlost – Space Precinct

The guys at @MissionLogPod have Star Trek, we have Starlost.  Damn!  That just doesn’t seem fair.

Anyway, here it is, the final episode of that space disaster epic, the Starlost.  May it be lost forever more!  Ben and Eugene slog their way through one last episode.

152 – The Prisoner – Hammer Into Anvil

If a pigeon lands on an anvil, does it break the hammer?

(Use our special #6 super-decoder ring to learn the secret message above… or you could just listen to Simon and Eugene discuss Hammer Into Anvil!

151 – Blakes 7 – The Web

Blake encounters Yeti in the London Underground in the long-lost episode of Blakes 7… no, wait, strike that.  Wrong show.

Blake agrees to wipe out an entire species of living, sentient beings just to save his own hide.  Way to go, hero!

Ben and Eugene discuss.