158 – Blakes 7 Seek Locate Destroy

Blake meets his ultimate enemy.

Ben and Eugene discuss the advent of Blakes ultimate enemy in Seek-Locate-Destroy!

157 – The Prisoner – Fall Out

#6 goes #1

Or at least that’s some people’s interpretation.  Find out what Simon and Eugene thought of this, the final episode of the classic 1960’s series, The Prisoner.

156 – The Prisoner – Once Upon a Time

Things come to a head in the Village as the Prisoner is subjected to Degree Absolute – the ultimate test of his mettle.

Simon and Eugene discuss.

155 – UFO – The Sound of Silence

Silence reigns over this review of the UFO episode entitled, The Sound of Silence.

Eugene and Ben horse around a bit as they look at this tale of a steeplechaser and the alien with designs on his body.  Guest appearance by the Valeyard!