206 – Doctor Who – Real Time

The Sixth Doctor must stop the Cybermen from destroying the universe with time travel, and defeat their surprising Cyber-Controller.

Simon and Eugene discuss the second animated Doctor Who adventure, Real Time.

205 – Blakes 7 – Shadow

Blake attempts to enlist the Terra Nostra – The Space  Mafia – in his battle with the Federation.

Is it really wise for a wanted criminal with a huge bounty on his head to identify himself and his awesome spacecraft to some of the most notorious and well-organized criminals in the galaxy?

I guess we’ll find out as Ben and Eugene discuss, Shadow.

204 – Fantastic Journey – Atlantium

How fast can an episode of a podcast about the Fantastic Journey get derailed?

Answer: Pretty darned fast!

Ben and Eugene discuss Atlantium and Star Trek, and SciFi, and movies, and network executives…  in fact, pretty much anything except The Fantastic Journey.

203 – Doctor Who – Death Comes to Time

We here at Fusion Patrol are very animated about Doctor Who, but what happens when Doctor Who gets animated?  Find out as Simon and Eugene begin a journey through animated Doctor Who, starting with Death Comes to Time.