210 – Blakes 7 – Weapon

Watch Blake and the gang being manipulated like puppets on a string!

Ben and Eugene discuss the Blakes 7 episode, Weapon.

209 – Ultraviolet – US Pilot

What could be better than the UK version of Ultraviolet?  A US remake with all the skill and craftsmanship of the American television industry,  the people who brought you such classics as Mr. Ed, My Mother the Car and Dusty’s Trails.

The Brits should be proud the Americans have picked up the dropped ball and run with it!

Simon and Eugene discuss.

208 – Fantastic Journey – Beyond the Mountain

Having left Atlantium, our intrepid travelers are split into two groups, each learning the secrets of opposite sides of titular mountain.

…and the meet the infamous Jonathan Willoway.

Ben and Eugene discuss Beyond the Mountain.

207 – Ultraviolet – Persona Non Grata

Father Pearse’s crisis of faith threatens the entire organization.

Mike’s obsession with a wet blanket threatens the entire organization.

Angie’s trust in Pearse threatens the entire organization.

Vaughn’s got his head on straight.

What could possibly go wrong?

Find out this week as Simon and Eugene review the final episode of Ultraviolet!