228 – Doctor Who – The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar

A timey-wimey podcast!  As they jump about time in a strictly linear series of cause and effect, Ben and Eugene discuss the Magician’s Apprentice and the follow on episode, the Witch’s Familiar – The two-part Series 9 opener of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who – The Magician’s Apprentice/The Witch’s Familiar – What the Kids Thought.

Our full discussion of these episode is coming soon.  In the meantime, I asked my kids what they thought of the two-part series opener of Doctor Who.  This is what they had to say.

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227 – Doctor Who – The Ice Warriors

What’s that hissing sound I’m hearing?  Could it be the Ice Warriors having a laugh?

Simon and Eugene review the “missing” and recreated Second Doctor story, the Ice Warriors.

226 – Blakes 7 – Hostage

Blake got a kissing cousin, but she’s held captive by Travis on Exbar.  In other words, she’s a hostage!

Ben and Eugene discuss.

225 – Fantastic Journey – Turnabout

What could be more natural than an oppressed group of people rising up against their oppressors, banishing them to the Phantom Zone and setting up Varian, Fred, Willoway and Scott as their new breeding stock?

It’s Joan Collins guest starring in the Fantastic Journey episode, Turnabout.

Ben and Eugene discuss this deeply philosophical episode.