232 – Doctor Who – The Woman Who Lived

If you call that living…

Ben and Eugene discuss the not-even-remotely-really-a-second-part-of-a-two-part-story The Woman Who Lived.

231 – Doctor Who – The Girl Who Died

Ben and Eugene discuss this surprise 1-part episode.

Considering how awesome it is, the conversation does take a surprising turn.  Maybe.


230 – Doctor Who – Under the Lake/Before the Flood

Ben and Eugene review Toby Whithouse’s two-part Doctor Who adventure Under the Lake and Before the Flood.

The Doctor and Clara investigate creepy happenings under the lake, then the Doctor takes  a jaunt back to 1980’s Scotland, as you do.

229 – Fantastic Journey – Riddles

Ben and Eugene arrive at the penultimate episode of Fantastic Journey.  What riddles do this strange and fantastic island have in store for our intrepid travelers?  Have they a new quest?  Will it save them from the oblivion of cancellation?

I think we all know the answer to that!

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