241 – Doctor Who – The Husbands of River Song

River Song is back for Christmas.  It’s a bit like giving a jar of Marmite for Christmas – love her or hate her, she always spurs discussion.

Ben and Eugene discuss the 2015 Doctor Who Christmas Special, the Husbands of River Song.

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240 – Space: 1999 – Breakaway

Does everyone remember 16 years ago when Earth’s moon was blasted out of Earth’s orbit and hurled, along with the 311 residents of Moonbase Alpha, into deep space on a lonely quest?

Well, if you do, or even if you don’t, it’s time to join Ben and Eugene as they discuss episode 1 of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s space epic – Space: 1999.

Follow along as we “Breakaway” from the ordinary…

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239 – Blakes 7 – Voice from the Past

Even in the future, they still have outrageous French accents!

Ben and Eugene discuss the time when Blake heard a voice from the past on the next episode of Blakes 7: Voice from the Past


238 – Doctor Who – Heaven Sent & Hell Bent

What’s 4.5 billion years between friends?  Nothing right?  I’m sure the Doctor and Rassilon will be BFFs, right?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Series 9 final two-parts, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent.

Damn, this was a long episode…