254 – Blakes 7 – Powerplay

Returning to the Liberator is just like returning home for Avon.  Assuming, that is, that your home has been overrun by Federation thugs.

Ben and Eugene discuss the third series episode of Blakes 7, Powerplay!

253 – Doctor Who – Marco Polo

Question: What do you get when you condense a 7 part spice story into a 30 minute summary…  oh, and you lose all the video somewhere along the way?

Answer: You get Marco Polo!

Simon and Eugene continue their exploration of DVD-released “lost” episodes of Doctor Who.

252 – Space: 1999 – Earthbound

Christopher Lee puts in an imposing guest appearance into this episode of Space: 1999.  Aliens arrive at the moon, destined for Earth.  They kindly offer taking one Alphan back home.  Who will it be?

Earth Commissioner Simmonds, stranded on the moon with the Alphans has some strong opinions on that topic.

Ben and Eugene discuss Earthbound!

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251 – Blakes 7 – Aftermath

Ben and Eugene look at the Series 3 opener of Blakes 7.

The Federation has been destroyed – or has it?  What will Blake do now?  What other windmills can he charge?