267 – Space: 1999 – Alpha Child

Moonbase Alpha’s first child is born!

That can’t possibly go wrong, can it?

Ben and Eugene discuss the Alpha Child.

266 – Blakes 7 – City at the Edge of the World

Vila gets to be the hero!  Vila gets the girl!  Vila gets the chance to live a new life on a beautiful new world!

This must be some fevered dream Vila is having during an illness, right?

Ben and Eugene discuss, City at the Edge of the World.

265 – Omega Factor – Visitations

Tom Crane joins Department 7 and investigates mysterious goings-on at a sinister house.

Simon and Eugene discuss Visitations.

264 – Space: 1999 – Force of Life

Repost – There was an error with the original upload.

There’s a big, blue ball of light that just wants to make friends with the folks on Moonbase Alpha, and it wants to give an extra big hug to Anton Zoref.

Ben and Eugene discuss Force of Life.