289 – Doctor Who – Power of the Daleks (Redux)

Lost forever and now brought back via an extraordinary effort of human ingenuity, it’s the missing inaugural Second Doctor story, the Power of the Daleks!

This is the second time we’ve reviewed this episode, but this time we got to see what we were missing last time!

Simon and Eugene review.

288 – Omega Factor – Double Vision (Corrected Version)

(Repost with corrected audio file)

Tom Crane is seeing visions of his wife, but is it real?  What with her being dead and all…  or is she?  Or is it Anne in a wig?  Is it Martindale in a wig?  And what about the creepy European guy who specializes in hanging out in cemeteries studying ritualistic ceremonies infused with hallucinogenic drugs?

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

Simon and Eugene discuss Double Vision.

We had a problem with the first posting of this episode, this is a repost with the complete audio file.)

287 – Space: 1999 – End of Eternity

A maximum security space prison comes to Alpha.  The Alphans, cavalier to the implications, stage a jail break to free the political prisoner within…  no, wait, sorry, wrong episode.

A mostly unremarkable asteroid that has been in deep space for over 1,000 years approaches Alpha, they investigate a strange anomaly and discover a door.  Behind the door, they find the kindly, benevolent alien, Balor, who just wants to bring a little philosophy to the Alphans.

Ben and Eugene discuss the End of Eternity.

286 – Blakes 7 – Death-Watch

Teal and Vandor are having a war.  Time for everyone to celebrate, get drunk and enjoy the festivities!  Except for Servalan who has a cunning plan to expand the Terran Federation.

Can Avon and the crew of the Liberator stop her?  Will Tarrant meet up with his long-lost brother?  Find out by watching the episode and then listening to Ben and Eugene discuss it!