293 – Blakes 7 – Rescue

The planet Terminal has not been kind to the former crew of the Liberator.  Luckily, kindly Dorian, in his suit of gray, comes to the rescue.

What have they gotten themselves into this time?

Ben and Eugene discuss Rescue.

292 – Omega Factor – Illusions

So that’s it then, this is the end…

Simon and Eugene look at the last TV episode of Omega Factor called Illusions.

Will Tom Crane get his answers about Omega?  Is Martindale really part of the sinister organization?  What about Ann and Tom’s on-again-off-again romance?  Is Scott Erskine a villain?  And what was Tom’s brother really doing? Was it for Dept. 7, or Omega?

Find out all the answers you’ll ever get as we wrap-up our discussion on the Omega Factor.

291 – Space: 1999 – War Games

The Alphans approach an unnamed and silent planet, and suddenly they are being attacked by warships from Earth.  The War Games have begun!

Ben and Eugene discuss all out warfare on Moonbase Alpha in the episode, War Games.

290 – Blakes 7 – Terminal

Avon is on a mysterious quest with single-minded devotion.  Has he found what he’s long sought or is it a trap?  Will he kill any or all of the others of the Liberator crew to reach his goal?  And whatever happened to Roj Blake?

Join Ben and Eugene as they discuss the rather ominous-sounding episode, Terminal.