196 – UFO – The Long Sleep

UFO comes to an end.  Ben and Eugene take a look at The Long Sleep, the final episode of Gerry Anderson’s UFO, and then take a retrospective look at the entire series as we bid UFO a fond farewell.

One thought on “196 – UFO – The Long Sleep”

  1. Fun story – following the close of production on UFO, Ed Bishop returned to the US and, being an out of work actor, was making ends meet as a painter and decorator. He was re-painting a family home when he heard some familiar theme music drifting in from the lounge room. He stuck his head around the corner to see the family assembled around the TV engrossed in that week’s episode of UFO. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, and whether to try to convince the family that Commander Straker was currently painting their kitchen.

    You’re right, the true nature of the aliens is the greatest hot-mess of the series. However, I think that the complete opaqueness of the aliens and their motvies is one of the factors that makes the series so enduring. If it had made it to a second series, I would have been demanding some answers, but as it stands, there’s always something to ponder about the aliens whenever I rewatch an episode.

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