198 – Ultraviolet – Mea Culpa

Pedos in the church, pedos in the park and leeches in the middle!  Can this episode of Ultraviolet get any more unpleasant?

Simon and Eugene review the Ultraviolet episode, Mea Culpa.

One thought on “198 – Ultraviolet – Mea Culpa”

  1. The “child” vampire in this episode is really interesting if you consider it in relation to Ange’s “dead” daughter.

    There are so many questions about Ange’s missing husband and daughter. Did the husband bring the daughter across? Was the daughter converted by “them” as an inducement for her father to join? Once the father was recruited, was there any further purpose for the daughter; was she to have playtime for the rest of eternity, or was her fate to become a tool, like the child vamp in this episode?

    So much ickyness. The more you think about it, the more uncomfortable it gets.

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