201 – Ultraviolet – Terra Incognita

Simon and Eugene ask the question, how can Mike be so dumb?  Will Vaughn survive an encounter with four leeches and will Angie be reunited with her dead husband?

Find out as we review the penultimate episode of Ultraviolet.

2 thoughts on “201 – Ultraviolet – Terra Incognita”

  1. A fantastic episode! The countdown works for me, no matter how many times I’ve seen this episode. My heart is racing as the clock ticks and the music slowly biuilds as Vaughn is trapped with the four “coffins” and nothing else. Nothing! The show certainly made me believe that they could bump off one of the principals, so Vaughn’s last second escape is always a rush.

    One aspect which I debate after watching this episode is whether the leeches intended for “Their Man” to be captured. He seems remarkably well informed about the team and how to press their buttons. He shows not an ounce of surprise when he emerges from his canister. The whole situation of the boy from Brazil and the left-over-coffin seems a setup.

    Again, the issue of Ange’s dead husband and daughter arises. Is her research to eliminate the leeches or to bring her family back? How would she react if she succeeded? Will she betray the Team? As you mentioned in the podcast, so many questions which you’re left pondering in bed long after the episode has finished. I would give much see what happens should Ange be reunited with her family.

    Re. The Fax. I always assumed that the fax had been sent by the journalist, who then used his influence over Kirsty to get her to go to the club. I don’t think Kirsty has enough gumption to come up with the plan herself. She’s just a sock puppet at this point. Kirsty is the most inexplicable thing in the entire series … what does Mike see in her? I can never decide if she’s awful casting or perfect casting, because she’s just so a n n o y i n g!

    1. It’s been a while since I actually listened to what I said on the podcast but, I think the question I was asking (and don’t feel I got an answer to) was “Was leaving the ‘coffin’ behind an intentional plan?” While I think there’s a good deal of circumstantial evidence – as you say in your comment, he wasn’t surprised, he was well-versed, etc.” – as with so many things about this show, there’s a question that hangs over it.

      Time and time again we’re told, they know what you want – is that patient planning and research or some preternatural ability? Was his lack of surprise an indicator that he was where he planned on being or that they genuinely do react and behave differently than humans? He wasn’t even particularly emotional (IIRC) when Pearse killed him. He just said something about “I thought we had a deal.”

      Do they become less and less “human” as time progresses from their conversion? If so, is that because that as they learn what their new parameters are, they adopt new patterns of behavior (absolute power corrupting absolutely, as as example) or does something fundamentally change in the way they process information at the moment of conversion? (Their bodies used to require and crave solid food, but now they require (and presumably desire) only blood.

      So we ask ourselves, what is evil? It’s a question that’s bothered philosophers, idiots and podcast hosts for a long time. I think we can all agree on some things that are evil acts, but what defines it. We don’t really think of animals as evil – they’re a different species. Evil is reserved for members of our own species. Are the leeches still members of our species? Are they the ultimate evolved human parasite? Are they evil just because humans are their prey? Is it because they have a perfect camouflage mechanism? They look like us. They walk amongst us like double-agents.

      If someone puts on a Nazi uniform does that make them instantly evil? Or could they perhaps be misguided, deluded, a member of the royal family, trying to provocative or just plain stupid? Being a leech isn’t like that, it is at some level a fundamental change to the fabric of their being. Perhaps it does make them instantly “evil” by our standards.

      This show provides tantalizing glimpses and no solid answers.

      Kristy… I’m with you. She cute, but, I don’t get what Mike’s got for her. Mike would have been well-served if she’d gotten with Jack and he’d been well-rid of her.

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