204 – Fantastic Journey – Atlantium

How fast can an episode of a podcast about the Fantastic Journey get derailed?

Answer: Pretty darned fast!

Ben and Eugene discuss Atlantium and Star Trek, and SciFi, and movies, and network executives…  in fact, pretty much anything except The Fantastic Journey.

2 thoughts on “204 – Fantastic Journey – Atlantium”

  1. You bastards! To refresh my very dim memories of Fantastic Journey, having not seen it since the 70’s, I caught an episode online and wound up hate-watching the entire series. I despise myself. I feel unclean. It was just as horrible and disappointing as I remembered. Why did you do this to me?

    Anyway, there was some enjoyment to be had from seeing a snappily-dressed Roddy McDowall and also John Saxon at his snarling, moustache-twirling best.

    Now having seen the series, I’d like to update a previous comment of mine from: “I wound up just sticking around for the Hot Atlantean Chick.” to “I wound up just sticking around for the Hot Atlantean Crazy Cat Lady”.

    I want a supercut of every time Hot/Crazy Cat Lady meaningfully waggles her eyebrows at her cat. How did Katie Saylor manage to keep a straight face doing this? It’s not helped by the cat always having an expression of “I’m bored/hungry” on its face, rather than “Varian is trapped in the secret Brain Sucking Room! Hurry!”

    The only observation I have for this specific episode is that I’m very disappointed the Evil Sponge-Brain in a Fish Tank that ran the city never said “I wager 300 Quatloos on the Newcomers!”

    Now I’ll have to wait months for you to podcast the Abandoned Fairground episode … it’s so delightfully completely bonkers!

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