205 – Blakes 7 – Shadow

Blake attempts to enlist the Terra Nostra – The Space  Mafia – in his battle with the Federation.

Is it really wise for a wanted criminal with a huge bounty on his head to identify himself and his awesome spacecraft to some of the most notorious and well-organized criminals in the galaxy?

I guess we’ll find out as Ben and Eugene discuss, Shadow.

6 thoughts on “205 – Blakes 7 – Shadow”

  1. I find it interesting that you guys noted the costumes are more showy and less practical in series 2. There’s a documentary on youtube that is pretty good and was never released. Search “making b7”. The first part of the second installment goes into costume designs. If you go much further you might get spoiled on later things.
    I’ll say this though, it does look a bit like the Flash Gordon movie. Does that mean we’re in for a visit from Ming the Merciless? We’ll see. 😉

  2. Sorry, if you go more than 14minutes into that second installment of the docu, you will see some spoilers of the next episode you will cover. If you know and like the show though, it’s irresistable.
    For goodness sake, don’t watch the third and final installment until the end of the series, or major spoilers will be encountered.

    1. Yes, those docos are very interesting and it’s a shame that (a) they didn’t get used on the DVDs and (b) they never made the one for series 4.

      They’re absolutely spoilerific though! Not to be watched until after the series! Maybe not even until after the entire series!

  3. Moon Discs! I sooooooo want a little tray of Moon Discs sitting on my desk. They’d scuttle around in their tray making almost imperceptible buzzing and chittering noises. Moon Discs – such a neat little idea. Far better than Tribbles.

    I remember 14 year old me watching this episode and thinking “Hey! The Official BBC Quarry manages to look a little like an alien planet for once!” Present-day me re-watched and thought “Yeah … it does look a little more like an alien planet than the quarries in Doctor Who, but for a world as hot as Arrakis/Tatooine, everyone looks as though they’re freezing. Also, elite Federation Presidential Guards should have less obvious pot-bellies.

    Some googling on the location reveals it to be the Binnegar Heath Sand Pit, also used for Doctor Who’s “Death to the Daleks” (Exxilon!) and “Destiny of the Daleks”. I now want a version of “Shadow” with Jon Pertwee and Elizabeth Sladen running around in the background.

    I still don’t understand why there is a B and a C plot (Cally’s telepathic hippy-freakout and Vila’s escapade). There’s lots of meat in the A plot – galactic mafia, mysterious drugs, space junkies, the Federation controlling both spheres of the legal divide … nothing more required. Wasn’t there something else Jan Chappell and Michael Keating could have done in the A plot? Used some more of Cally’s funky telepathy? A slightly wasted opportunity. Wait – the B plot does slightly redeem itself by allowing us to experience Evil Orac!

  4. Tray of moon discs….

    I think that one of those little desktop “zen rock gardens” or whatever they are called could make a great mini moondisc environment. Maybe just get some clear plastic game pieces and play pretend. Put your hand over them and tell your office mates that it’s important to talk to them. That should be good.

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