208 – Fantastic Journey – Beyond the Mountain

Having left Atlantium, our intrepid travelers are split into two groups, each learning the secrets of opposite sides of titular mountain.

…and the meet the infamous Jonathan Willoway.

Ben and Eugene discuss Beyond the Mountain.

4 thoughts on “208 – Fantastic Journey – Beyond the Mountain”

  1. There’s something magical about 70s SciFi TV episodes where they just get creepier and creepier the more you think about them. Yes, there’s the whole “Liana: Willoway’s Sex Slave” plot, but the episode soon had me wondering which of the androids are the designated SexBots. There’s also the problem of Liana hitting on – sorry, “having feelings for” – someone who clearly has the intellectual development of a seven year old. Ick. So Much Ick.

    I will give the episode credit for resisting the 70s meme of: lead character gets in a fight with guest character who tumbles to the ground and their face falls off to reveal the googly eyes and all the blinkin’ lights in their head because … THEY’RE AN ANDROID! I suspect this big reveal was left out as they were too cheap to get a modelling of the actor’s face.

    Random observations:
    + Those were the most gormless aliens I’ve ever seen.
    + Varian’s ability to detect “Alpha Waves”. Gee, that would be handy for finding people in future episodes. Don’t forget you have this power, Varian!
    + The dozens and dozens of Gold Lamé Disco Robots … what do they do?
    + Why so many ducks? Is there a connection to the robots?
    + Yes we have seen that villa somewhere else. Six Million Dollar Man? David McCallum’s Invisible Man? This will bug me.
    + The chef: I’m convinced that the back of each android has a big dial that can be set to “Insipid”, “Clueless” or “Camp!”.
    + The denouement clearly needed a shirtless Kirk convincing all the DiscoBots to auto-destruct.

    The biggest question is: “Where was the cat?” It arrived – it vanished – it reappeared at the end of the episode. My theory is that the hyper-intelligent cat is behind everything. Red/Green Portal Clouds. Timezones. Pirates. Brains in Fishtanks. Robot Dystopias. The Cat is running the whole thing.

  2. Excellent! I am impressed! I was thinking of a screendump of the villa and then a reverse image search … but your IMDb-fu has trumped my arcane scheme.

    So, Busch Gardens – a theme park? … so much for my recollection of Six Million Dollar Man.

    There’s some deep cultural observation to be made from why so much 70s US SciFi was filmed in malls and theme parks, whilst British SciFi was mostly shot in quarries.

    Oh, and don’t think you can trick me into watching Logan’s Run – The Series. I’m not falling for it. I barely made it out of Planet of the Apes – The Series.

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