209 – Ultraviolet – US Pilot

What could be better than the UK version of Ultraviolet?  A US remake with all the skill and craftsmanship of the American television industry,  the people who brought you such classics as Mr. Ed, My Mother the Car and Dusty’s Trails.

The Brits should be proud the Americans have picked up the dropped ball and run with it!

Simon and Eugene discuss.

2 thoughts on “209 – Ultraviolet – US Pilot”

  1. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!? I hadn’t seen the US Pilot before, but you piqued my interest and … gobsmacked.

    It’s as though the producer and director were given the Wikipedia article for the UK version and told “Re-do that”. No script. No DVD viewing. Just the Wikipedia synopsis. Anything which gave interest or subtlety or depth to the original has been left behind.

    + If I knew nothing about Ultraviolet, and you showed me the US Pilot, I would have guessed that it was made around 1992. Possibly earlier. It looks like a leftover episode of ‘Forever Knight’.

    + I think the money they saved on the script was spent entirely on hairdressing. I watched the tough NYC Cops and devoted CDC Scientists and wondered where they find the time to keep their hair perfectly coiffed during a vampire crisis. Extra points for Dr McPixie-Hair.

    + Vigo. Why name a central character after the villain of Ghostbusters II?

    + Idris Elba … why was he there? They completely wasted Idris Elba! They could have gotten Idris’ cousin, the dentist, for a tenth of the money and still achieved the same result. I did like Idris’ duck-walk while firing a machine gun. A US actor would never have walked like that.

    + If I hadn’t seen the trailer for “Twilight”, I would have said that these are the most gormless vampires I have ever seen. ‘Sympathetic leeches’ are a terrible terrible idea. There’s no over-arching plan or threat from the leeches … why are they bad again? They’re just a slightly sappy bunch of emo kids. Insipid.

    + Overly-aggressive biker. He should have been the comic-relief character. I did like that he ‘punched someone’ on his way out of the hospital. It would have made an amusing running gag to see his anger management issues throughout eternity.

    + The horrible horrible music. During recreations of scenes from the UK version I expected the tension-building music to cue … when … soggy nothing farted out of the speakers. Don’t get me started on the grating hippy-with-a-guitar folk song plastered over the end. I’m with Eugene on that score.

    + Good Points: pseudo-Kirsty was less annoying than real-Kirsty. Idris Elba unloading his machine gun in the subway (ridiculous as it was). Idris Elba waiting 15 seconds, then punching fake-Mike, following the ambush.

    + I want to see a rave at the CDC’s bright blue underground Disco Lab.

    + The crucifixes. The nuns. More crucifixes. Let us remind you that we’re dealing with vampires by showing you yet more crucifixes. The UK version kept examining the value of faith. Religious faith. Faith in your colleagues. Faith in friends. Faith in science. Faith in ideals. Faith in your worldview. Here there are no forms of faith, just a few of their registered trademarks on show.

    + Perhaps the biggest sin is that nothing original has been added to the concept. No plot element. No character. No idea. No shade of meaning.

  2. I think the money they saved on the script was spent entirely on hairdressing.

    Ha! Ultraviolet US in one sentence.

    I feel I should apologise for our having piqued your interest (even though this was all Eugene’s fault really). No one should have to watch this.

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