212 – Fantastic Journey – Children of the Gods

I’ve got the conch!  I’ve got the conch!  And leave Piggy’s glasses alone!

What happens when our intrepid travelers come across a world populated entirely by children (and one adult actor trying to play a child?)

Find out as Ben and Eugene discuss Children of the Gods!

2 thoughts on “212 – Fantastic Journey – Children of the Gods”

  1. I watched this episode two months ago and I have absolutely no memory of it whatsoever.

    I fast-forwarded through it to remind me. Where else has the runined-city-and-drain image been used? Yes, Logan’s Run, but I wonder if it crops up elsewhere. My Google-fu fails me.

    The cat doesn’t arrive with the group, or leave with them, but still makes an appearance for a fireside pat. No conclusive proof yet that it’s the master intelligence behind the Zones.

    Blah blah bad rehash of “Miri” blah blah.

    What more is there to say?

    Still months until you podcast the Funhouse episode…

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