214 – Blakes 7 – Horizon

What’s at the horizon of the known galaxy?  The Federation.

Can Blake ever catch a break?  Ben and Eugene discuss Horizon.

5 thoughts on “214 – Blakes 7 – Horizon”

  1. I really appreciate your pointing out the continuity error of “i’ll get the guns”. I would think that having a weapons store in the teleport room would make sense, and they could’ve just done that….

    Perhaps we should keep in mind something mentioned in this episode that may come up later, continuity wise….. that is the liberator can only get away from less than 3 pursuit ships…. without more than one human and orac on board…. (I’m “fairly sure” it will come up again 😉 )

    An interesting point about the society on Horizon, I don’t remember where I encountered it, but I read or possibly heard on the unreleased documentary that the society was supposed to be analogous to colonial Uganda. I don’t know how exactly Uganda and not any other former british colony…

    Excellent analysis, guys, enjoying your coverage of B7 immensely!

  2. I guess Ro could be the stand in for Milton Obote, but he’d then be overthrown….. (I just did a quick wiki on Uganda, got better educated on their post colonial history, but still don’t know if they have a lot of Uranium)

  3. I don’t know how many times I’ve watched Blakes 7, but I can never remember what “Horizon” is about – it leaves that much of an impression. Horizon would work better edited down to 20 minutes of Avon and Orac snarking at each other.

    The natives are a puzzle. Are they supposed to be aliens who look like Aztecs, or are they an Earth colony which devolved into being Aztecs? The first option is preposterous, while the series doesn’t seem set far enough in the future for the second to be possible.

    I find the natives in the mine suspiciously like the Mudmen of Sounaru 9, [Cue Captain Kremmen]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCR9JirYbvk

    1. Good point!

      Most of the peoples we meet in Blakes 7 tend to be humans. There are not that many non-human races. I had assumed that Ro’s people we genuinely “aliens” but they probably are some retrograde Human colony.

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