218 – Blakes 7 – Pressure Point

Some episodes of TV shows are pivotal and others are pivotal!

You decide which this is as Ben and Eugene discuss Pressure Point.

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  1. I think that episodes like this set B7 apart from your standard kind of show with a typical hero kind of a guy who is fighting for a good and just cause, is always in the right and is of such a high moral standard that they never actually kill the bad guys….

    I think that Ben’s comments about Travis mirroring Blake are interesting and I only wish that the Travis story arc were put forth on the screen better, and with more forethought…. If the reboot of B7 ever happens (is it still in planning?), I’d hope that they would do a better job with the Travis story arc.

    thanks for a great discussion!

    1. It’s interesting that you say that. Without being spoilery, one of the things that I really like about Blakes 7 is the organic growth that the show experienced. While clearly long-term story elements were laid, as in real life, Blakes 7 had to make unforeseen course adjustments.

      My concern about any potential reboot is that they’ll either (a) never explore that growth/story lines or (b) try to plot it out and build it into a “proper” story arc with foreshadowing, etc.

  2. I recall my surprise at the end of this episode in 1979. A main character died! The giant reset button wasn’t hit! Gan died as a direct result of the mistakes/lies/monomania of the hero! Powerful stuff for the time. Showing the hero to be flawed, and those flaws to have repercussions, had a greater impact than Gan’s death.

    I don’t recall a previous British series having a proto-arc as B7 does. There were callbacks – like cybernauts appearing in the New Avengers – and there were episodic stories – like the Tomorrow People – but the new experience of a story arc was THE thing which captured my attention on B7’s first run. There are hints of an arc in Captain Scarlet (1967), and you could make arguments for Survivors (1975) (also Terry Nation) having an arc.

    Who knows whether the latest reboot will see the light of day, but I can recommend the recent-ish B7 Productions radio plays (occasionally replaying on BBC-Radio4). They reboot the series up until The System arrives to reclaim The Liberator. Interesting and carefully thought-out explanations for how the Liberator works, what makes Zen tick, why the Liberator was found adrift, back stories of the characters. Good casting.

    1. The B7 Media stories are also available in iTunes for purchase.

      In general, I enjoyed them; however, I was immediately put off by the changes in Blake. Ex-soldier(?) – actual terrorist bomber – traumatized by the death of his wife… In my opinion, they missed what made Blake’s journey from peaceful resistance leader to… Well, we shall see what Blake becomes as we progress further in the series, but obviously we see just how far Blake will go and what the consequences of his actions can be in Pressure Point.

      All of that is gone by starting Blake off as a terrorist killer in the audio adventures. To me, that seems like a fundamental “miss” in even understanding what Blakes 7 was.

      Also, could the Blake’s dead wife storyline play out as Anna Grant did in the original?

      This is the other reason I don’t want them to reboot B7. There’s that one major, epically unexpected plot turn in the original series that no producer would plan or execute in the reboot.

      Colin Salmon as Avon was a fascinating take on casting, though.

  3. A quick thought on why ORAC wouldn’t be asked to hack into the control computer…. perhaps it’s supposed to be in an electromagnetically shielded underground facility…. but then the notion of why ORAC couldn’t hack into the signals from control to other planets and so forth becomes a bit of a question… Also it seems that while ORAC is super capable, it may not have been able to hack into federation communications without that cipher that had been captured earlier.
    Either way I agree with Eugene about ORAC, he’s either a get out of jail free card or totally useless, depending on what the plot requires

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