220 – Fantastic Journey – An Act of Love

What happens when one of the travelers finds a deep and meaningful connection with someone else and decides to settle down?

Ben and Eugene discuss An Act of Love.

4 thoughts on “220 – Fantastic Journey – An Act of Love”

  1. This episode hurt. It hurt to watch. You covered all my main gripes about how terrible this episode is. For 12 year old me, its saving grace was some suspiciously low camera angles whenever Liana was filmed from behind.

    I’m amazed that neither the director nor the crew went “Hey! Do you think the audience will notice that we’ve just stuck tinfoil all over the walls to make the temple?” There’s cheap, and then there’s insulting-the-audience-cheap. Yet a full two years earlier, Doctor Who (The Ark in Space) showed the wonders that could be accomplished with bubble wrap!

    The cat – it orchestrated *everything*!

    When you discussed the lack of change in the cast from episode to episode you missed one thing – Scott got taller.

    While watching the cheap temple design and the tiki idols, I began to suspect that this was actually a script for a Brady Bunch Hawaiian vacation episode. All you need to do is replace “Varian” with “Greg”, disguise the drug references, and insert a framing story which warns of the dangers of hippy communes. The “human sacrifice” and “death” of Gwennith would be explained away as a Scooby Doo plot device to keep the faithful in line.

    Despite the sheer godawfulness of the script, I’m impressed by the way Jared Martin worked so hard to sell it.

    Speaking of Jared, I was watching “Westworld” the other night and there he was! He was one of the computer technicians monitoring the kill-bots. He came to a bad end. Grumpy, slouched in his chair, chain smoking, he didn’t look much like a man from the Future with Awesome Powers.

    1. Perhaps. However, in watching Riddles for this weeks recording, my eye was inexorably drawn to the aluminum foil all over the hall of echoes.

      Perhaps my mind was primed to see it this time?

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