Blakes 7

221 – Blakes 7 – Trial

Gan is dead, Blake feels like crap, Travis is on trial for his life.

Ben and Eugene discuss Trial.

One thought on “221 – Blakes 7 – Trial”

  1. I loathed this episode when it first aired. It seemed such a water-treading letdown after the events of the previous episode – but rewatching it today, I came away … entertained. It’s a better episode than it has a right to be.

    The earnest ridiculousness of Zil. The snarling panto-surliness of Travis. Blake’s over-choreographed sulk. Avon getting all the best lines. The focus keeps shifting so that you don’t have a chance to get bored with the inherent silliness. And there’s Nyder from Genesis of the Daleks! He even cracks a smile! What‘s not to like?

    Hmmm … I do need to flag that the most technically advanced and fearsomely be-weaponed battlecruiser in the galaxy came screaming in at Standard-By-12, Main Blasters laying down a salvo of neon-electric death against Space Command … and a small hole gets blown in the wall of the courtroom. The entire station should have been toast! Servalan’s hair should have been (at least) slightly mussed-up! This still disappoints just as much as it did in 1979.

    Let us all surrender our oneness, for Avon’s gadget works!

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