225 – Fantastic Journey – Turnabout

What could be more natural than an oppressed group of people rising up against their oppressors, banishing them to the Phantom Zone and setting up Varian, Fred, Willoway and Scott as their new breeding stock?

It’s Joan Collins guest starring in the Fantastic Journey episode, Turnabout.

Ben and Eugene discuss this deeply philosophical episode.

4 thoughts on “225 – Fantastic Journey – Turnabout”

  1. No mention of the most amazing weapons tech ever? The laser insta-cage blaster! Point it, push the button, squiggly lines come out and Lianna is instantly incarcerated in her own custom cage – suitable for carrying back from the hunt! Futuristic technology!

    The cage did work well with Lianna’s Go-Go boots. Dance Lianna! Dance!

    The “night visitor” scene – was this a ripoff of the similar scene in the film version of Logan’s Run?

    A major activity of this society appears to be chest waxing.

    What was the location used for the city? My Googling has failed.

    The cat did some of its finest acting. The look of determination on its face when it leads the crew to where Lianna has been taken … that’s Emmy material right there.

    There’s not much to say about this episode … it just sits there, making pathetic mewling noises.

  2. You’re right! I somehow missed hearing it. I think I had an expectation that at least a third of the podcast would be devoted to the laser insta-cage blaster.

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