226 – Blakes 7 – Hostage

Blake got a kissing cousin, but she’s held captive by Travis on Exbar.  In other words, she’s a hostage!

Ben and Eugene discuss.

2 thoughts on “226 – Blakes 7 – Hostage”

  1. Meh. A meh episode. Everyone has a serious case of teh stupid. Blake walks into obvious trap without a cunning stratagem already in play. Avon walks directly into the same trap. Avon relies on Villa. The hostages rescue themselves. The hostages rescue the heroes. Apart from Servalan and Travis at the end, nothing advances. Only Cally and Jenna walk away with their dignity intact.

    + Re. Blake never saying “It‘s my uncle” or “She’s my cousin”, I’ve always had the impression that within the Federation, the concept of family was restricted to only your very immediate family, and the terms “uncle” and “cousin” are unfamiliar or archaic in everyday speech. Either that or the whole thing is just really awkward.

    + Servalan gave Travis a ship crewed with mutoids. What happened to them? Where did the crimmos come from? Good casting for the head crimmo. Can he come back as Travis V3.0?

    + Mutoids – is their hair naturally like that, or is it a wig deal like the girls on Moonbase from UFO?

    + Agreed on the fake limp. A dopey idea which always irritates.

    + The avalanche of polystyrene rocks during a pointless Benny Hill chase in BBC Quarry No.6. This was not Blake’s 7’s finest hour.

    + I know better, but I can’t help but enjoy pantomime Travis in this episode. (He’s behind you!)

    + “Teleported into space” is always a good scene! I think Jenna enjoyed that just a little too much. I’d want Cally to operate the teleport for me.

    + Councillor Joban’s interlude was marvellous. I enjoyed seeing Servalan under pressure for once.

    + Exbar. They’re goofy, but I love Blake’s 7 planet names: Centero, Cephlon, Fosforon, Zondar, Saurian Major.

    + The writer missed an opportunity during the “we need parts for the detector shield” scene to have Villa say “…and we could get those parts to fix Orac so he isn’t so useless!”

  2. It seems to me that all the little details in the B7 universe, of crimmos, mutoids, even how families relate to each other (cousin vs father’s-brother’s-daughter) being less than perfectly explained and tied together is a bit of a benefit. It leaves gaps that the viewer can fill in with their imagination.
    I doubt that it was planned to leave all these above details unexplored, but I think that there is enough believability in the B7 universe otherwise that we can start to wonder about the rest.

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