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Ben’s and my discussion on the two-part Doctor Who series opener will come out later this week.

In the meantime, take a look at our new Fusion Patrol YouTube channel and our first Video Podcast (Vidcast?)

We’ve got several new videos planned for the coming months.  Please like and subscribe!

(Audio of this vidcast will come out in the usual podcast feed at the usual Monday morning, midnight AZ time slot.)

3 thoughts on “Fusion Patrol Video Podcasts”

  1. I had a glitch on my computer when I watched this – there was a quarter-second delay between the audio and video. I had the uncanny feeling that the whole thing had been filmed in an underwater dome somewhere, and everyone was a duplicate miming to a tape recorder.

    Actual Eugene looks *nothing* like Mental Image Eugene. I now have to place both in the Iguanadome to decide which will be retained moving forward. (Two Eugene’s enter! One Eugene leaves!)

    Michelle and James are great! I look forward to them having their own series where they re-review The Prisoner and Man from Atlantis and explain how wrong-headed all their Dad’s opinions are.

    1. Having shocked you with my appearance, I am now uploading to our YouTube channel a promotional introduction video that we did five years ago, so you can see how your Mental Image Ben and Mental Image Simon tally with reality, too.

    2. Actual Eugene looks *nothing* like Mental Image Eugene.

      Want to see! Can you create Mental Image Eugene with one of those online identikit-type apps? 😉

      PS. Second that proposal for a Michelle & James Prisoner review series!

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