Doctor Who (Bubble) Sorted. The Bottom 20: Part 1

Michelle starts her countdown sorting every surviving episode of Doctor Who with Part 1 of her least favorite 20 episodes.

What are your least favorite episodes of Doctor Who?

4 thoughts on “Doctor Who (Bubble) Sorted. The Bottom 20: Part 1”

  1. Oh, this is brilliant! Brilliantly wrong, of course. Well done Michelle!

    Why wrong (according to me, that is)? Well, although I can’t be definitive because, unlike you, I haven’t actually done the work of watching every episode, I’ve seen enough to come up with at least 20 I would consider worse than some of these…

    Here’s why Silver Nemesis is a splendid low-key celebration of the show; Battlefield is even better! And here’s where I admit I find The Movie so entertaining I could watch it over and over again. Love and Monsters is another affectionate appreciation of the show, even if it’s not top 20 material, unlike Midnight which is an absolute bona fide classic, one of the very best episodes since the show returned.

    I’ll admit you hit a couple of duds (I’m not sure whether #13 is supposed to be worse than #16 or better, but it’s definitely the worse of a terrible pair). Hope there’s space in the next 10 for Time and the Rani, The Web Planet, The End of Time, Time Flight, Journey’s End, The Sound of Drums, The Claws of Axos, Warriors of the DeepRevenge of the Cybermen, Invasion of the Dinosaurs, The Seeds of Death, The Invasion of Time, oops, that’s more than 10 already…

    Anyway, looking forward to the reveal of of the remaining 225.

    1. It has been very interesting for me to watch this process! I also do not necessarily agree with her choices but am refraining from weighing in for now. Nonetheless, I can see how things are shaping up by watching her decision-making process.

      With each pass, you can see that she struggles with certain episodes time and time again, often because they failed to make much on an impression on her when she watched them. Given an episode that singularly failed to make much on an impression compared directly against one that did in some way is polarizing the memorable episodes towards the top or bottom and causing a huge glut of episodes she considered, “meh” in the middle.

      There’s a clear pattern to her bottom 10, though!

      1. Obviously I would struggle even more – because I haven’t seen them all!

        I worked out how many I’ve still got to see today. I spent some time trying to remember anything about certain episodes. I was fairly sure, but not absolutely certain, I hadn’t seen Planet of Evil. Or, indeed, anything of evil. Had I seen Colony in Space or Frontier in Space? Or both? I’d have a very tough time picking a favourite, given that I’m only remember one scene from each. But it’s absolutely true that if either of them were as bad as The Mark of the Rani (or as good as Midnight) they’d have stuck in my mind. So the polarisation is entirely understandable.

        I reckon there are seven of the surviving serials that I haven’t seen yet. Just seven Doctor Who stories left to see for the first time… (Until next Saturday’s Capaldi airs that is…)

  2. I think this is a fun and interesting mini review series. Much thanks to Michelle and the entire production crew!

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