229 – Fantastic Journey – Riddles

Ben and Eugene arrive at the penultimate episode of Fantastic Journey.  What riddles do this strange and fantastic island have in store for our intrepid travelers?  Have they a new quest?  Will it save them from the oblivion of cancellation?

I think we all know the answer to that!

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2 thoughts on “229 – Fantastic Journey – Riddles”

  1. I watched this some months ago and thought it one of the better efforts in the series, and the closest it got to some actual sci fi. Having now rewatched it, I realise that I have rocks in my head and it is as craptabulous an episode as all the rest.

    + So, you’re an alien antiques collector in love with Earth culture who gets stranded in a zone. You construct an 18th century mill for yourself (not those “harsh cubes” of your homeworld), full of period furniture … yet you choose to dress in a godawful unitard.

    + The butler. Why was he there? Comic relief? Was he like the barker in the carnival episode and there’s some contractual mandate of a minimum of three guest actors? Is he happy to give the stone away so that he can spend eternity as doddering Mr Baldy? Is he even real, or was he conjured-up, like the house?

    + Pretend Scott, who got thrown from the horse, really earned his pay that week.

    + The alfoil-clad Cave of Echoes looked sooooooo much better than the Tinfoil Temple in “An Act of Love”! They lit it properly and coloured it! The crew must have learned a thing or two about foil technology during the earlier episode. It was almost up to Lost in Space set quality!

    + I believe the “Katie Saylor was sick” story. Imagine you’re the producer. It’s the last two episodes and you’re hoping for renewal. Your main demographic is 12 to 15 year old boys. Why would you not do everything possible to make sure Liana and her gogo boots were front and centre?

    + If you believe the wikipedia entry for this episode: “The interior of the old house is the famous set of the Stephens’ house in the sitcom Bewitched, with Elizabeth Montgomery.” I so could have used 20 minutes of Endora and Willoway sniping/banter instead of the hallucinations sequence.

    1. “Come on, lads! I was down at my club last week and old Bob kinoshita was there, laughing at our tin foil set! Let’s pull it together this time and show him what we can do with the crinkly goodness of aluminum!”

      I could have just watched 20 minutes of Elizabeth Montgomery. Now that you mention it, while completely redressed, the set layout (stairs, entry to kitchen, etc) is similar to the Stephens’ home. I’m not watching it again to make sure, though!

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