Shows I’d Wished They’d Made

Here’s an Irwin Allen proposed pilot I’ve never heard of before today. ┬áThe acting is a bit… earnest, but i wish they’d made this!

2 thoughts on “Shows I’d Wished They’d Made”

  1. But they did make it (sort of). It mutated into a 1971 telemovie:

    It made for good rainy Saturday afternoon viewing. I especially liked the McGuffin of a radioactive isotope so radioactive that it needs to be shielded by walls of gold. Robert Wagner had excellent evil facial hair.

    I think I prefer the so-bad-it’s-good of the pilot – I can’t believe they named the security officer Choo Choo. Was The amphibian scientist channeling mirror universe Spock?

  2. I’ve just stumbled upon another Irwin Allen proposed pilot on YouTube. Search for “The Man from the 25th Century”. While I adored the pilot for “City Beneath the Sea”, Man from the 25th Century is in its own league of astounding awfulness. I won’t attempt to describe the plot, you need to experience it for yourself.

    I cannot comprehend the quantities of drugs which must have gone into the production of this pilot.

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