232 – Doctor Who – The Woman Who Lived

If you call that living…

Ben and Eugene discuss the not-even-remotely-really-a-second-part-of-a-two-part-story The Woman Who Lived.

One thought on “232 – Doctor Who – The Woman Who Lived”

  1. So I’ve heard of Rufus Hound. I’ve even read some of his stuff. I think you’re right he’s a performer too. But I can’t help anymore than that, sorry. But loved his performance in this.

    With a few words changed, I could imagine Donald Rumsfeld regurgitating your arguments on “It’s not [The Doctor’s] job to clean up that kind of mess.” Something like

    “[They] already had a mess. [We] put it back on track and headed off on [our] way. They are much better off. The fact it’s not perfect is not [our] fault.”

    I don’t know what the political climate is like on this in the US, but post 2003 it’s pretty unthinkable that any mainstream drama in the UK could get away with completely disregarding the consequences of any interventionist capers they might portray, whether directly or indirectly.

    The idea you raise that all the companions are dead is an interesting one. The theme is the shortness of the human lifespan, so Clara could live and travel with him into her 90s, and he’d still be sad. As far as this particular episode is concerned, at least, I really don’t feel there’s a violent or early death for Clara being foreshadowed. Elsewhere I see clues of how Clara’s impetuousness and dispassion may have consequences, but I’m still really unsure (and happy in my ignorance) about how Clara will ultimately go.

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