236 – Doctor Who – Face the Raven

All companions’ stories have to come to an end someday… Clara’s has ended three times.  Is third time a charm?

Ben and Eugene discuss Clara Oswald’s parting adventure, Face the Raven.

One thought on “236 – Doctor Who – Face the Raven”

  1. Oddly, I agree with your analysis. But I love it for the reasons you think it’s ‘meh’.

    For example, I agree it’s not a tearjerker (whatever Moffat may have said). But that’s good with me – I find the (what I consider to be over-) sentimental episodes a bit… schmaltzy, eg. Doomsday, Angels Take Manhattan.

    What makes this such a worthy departure episode for Clara is the writing for her, which (as Ben says) is excellent. That and the all-round great performances from the cast.

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